Build up your Instagram Following

I do what I can to get the strongest following that I can on Instagram. For me, this is a matter of posting good material and following through with some good replies to the comments I get. With this very basic formula, I do well and you can too.

All of the photos that I post are good. I like to say that and maybe it is not always true but it is better than what I did in the beginning. At first, I used any photo that I wanted and just expected people to like it and follow along. Much to my surprise, it took much more than just any photo.

You have to be able to make good photos and that means using the highest quality you have available to you. The cuts in the photos need to be clean and crisp, like a professional photo. If you want to know the first rule of how to get Instagram followers, that is it: be clear and precise.

I look at the quality of color as a first indicator. You will want to do the same. The color needs to be bright on every image but that does not mean you need to use the filters that Instagram provides. In fact, these can be detrimental to your efforts in the long run.

It is better to have your own colour quality about the photos so that you can make sure there is a great presentation available to your audience. They will also want to see the emotion in the photos. Far be it from me to insist but, if you do not put the emotion in, nobody will follow you very far.

As is discovered, it is the emotion and your caption of response to that emotion that really drives the visual story behind the post. Instagram is all about visuals and that is why you must do everything that you can to make them strong and enduring so that you get a good following.

Honestly, I also use another tactic to work with and that is buying followers and likes. As much as I do not like to admit it, I do it when my posts are not getting as much attention as I want them to. I started this practice early on and found that it produces positive results.

In fact, when you want to know how to get Instagram followers, this is one of the best methods to use from time to time at least. Basically, you are creating an image that your posts are followed and liked and loved by many when they are not so much so.

In turn, what happens is you get many more natural likes and followers for your posts because they look so popular and you set it up this way. Just be sure that you keep track of what you have done so you can see the real results in time and track accordingly.

Know your audience and know how to lead them. I find this to be the main point.