Daniella dZ is a young, up and coming rock artist located near Toronto Canada. 

At just 14 years of age, she has already won the prestigious UK Song Writing Contest in the Rock Category, released her first EP and she is currently working on several new projects in collaboration with local music producers and song writing partners.

For her solo work featured here dZ has chosen to play all the instruments in her songs.  Every note is pure dZ.

Thanks for stopping by to listen and enjoy free downloads of all her songs!!


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dZ began her music career with guitar at the age of four.  When she was eight she recorded her first demo and since then she has never stopped.  In 2010 dZ recorded and released her first self-titled EP which is now available on iTunes.  From that album,  “Good Thing” was awarded Winner in the Rock category in the prestigious UK Song Writing Contest. 


dZ is currently in the studio working on several new projects.  Stay tuned for new music!


Near Toronto, Canada


Since the beginning of time

Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keys, percussion in every song are all dZ